Expert Team of Surgical Oncology


The department can deal with common tumors, including gastrointestinal tumors, mammary gland tumors, thyroid tumors and hepatobiliary and pancreatic tumors.

Director of the department, Pro. Wu Aiguo, has worked in Surgery Department in famous affiliated hospital of medical college for many years and has been awarded “Famous Doctor of Ling Nan” and “Good Doctor of Guangzhou”. He’s a veteran in handling gastric tumors, colorectal tumors, retroperitoneal neoplasms, mammary gland tumors and thyroid tumors, particularly in low anterior resection for low rectal cancer, breast-conserving therapy(BCT), reoperation for recurrent tumor and surgery for the elder.

Under the leadership of Pro. Wu, the surgery team has led the way in standardized and personalized treatment and conducted minimally invasive surgery for various tumors of the stomach, intestinal tract and hepatobiliary tract, pancreatic tumor surgery, breast tumor surgery and thyroid tumor surgery as well as multidisciplinary consultation for recurrent and complicated cases.

In addition, surgical treatment for various abdominal hernias, anal diseases, and peripheral vascular disease are also available.

Medical Team of Medical Oncology


The Medical Oncology, as the main key clinical department of the hospital, has professional and technical staff from major famous cancer hospitals and medical schools in China. The professional research team of medical oncology consists of 20 staff, including 6 doctors (3 with senior title, 2 with intermediate title and 1 with junior title), all of whom have master's degree or above, and 14 nurses (3 with intermediate title or above).

Under the leadership of Director Ma Lanying, the head of the department, the internal medicine team has reached the domestic advanced level in the standardized and individualized precise treatment of solid tumors. The department can conduct online plus offline multidisciplinary consultation joined by domestic and foreign experts based on the needs of patients' conditions. The medical and nursing staff are always ready to help patients and their families solve problems and create a whole-life support model of Internet+.

Now, the department can handle gastrointestinal tumors (including hepatobiliary and pancreatic tumors), breast cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, etc. Treatment options including chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy, immunotherapy, TCM combined with Western medicine treatment are available.

The nursing team is made up of 14 professional nurses from major hospitals in China. They have received good professional training and gained rich work experience. Their expertise, enthusiasm enable them to help patients effectively.

Expert Team of Gastrointestinal Oncology


Gastrointestinal Oncology of Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer center, led by Pro. Liu Haiying and Pro. Wang Jiannan, is the largest diagnosis and treatment provider in South China. Now, the unit is staffed with 2 chief physicians(one is doctoral supervisor, the other is doctor), 3 attending doctors and 2 resident doctors(one of them is doctor, and 2 are master).

The unit has formulated an established and advanced system targeted at benign and malignant abdominal tumors, including minimally invasive surgery, open surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunobiological therapy, interventional radiotherapy and TCM combined with Western Medicine.

1.Standardized diagnosis and treatment: Standardized radical treatment of gastrointestinal tumors, for example treatment of gastric cancer and colorectal cancer, complete circumferential mesorectal excision (CCME) and Ultra-low anterior resection for low rectal cancer, has stayed abreast of top-notch facilities at home and abroad.

2.Maximum efficacy: Under the leadership of two professors, the unit has probed into the innovation of procedures that have considerably brought down recurrence rate and elevated 5-year survival rate.

3.Three-dimentional multidisciplinary collaboration: The unit strives to offer more comprehensive and evidence-based treatment plan for patients through a multidisciplinary consultation conducted by top domestic expert.

Expert Team of Palliative Care Center


Palliative Care Center is the largest supportive care provider in South China with 120 beds specifically designed to alleviate tumor patients’ suffering. There are 30m2-60m2 independent suites and some of these suites are outfitted with detached guest rooms to facilitate their families’ daily life. Besides, the Center also has close connection with Sun Yat-sen University, which makes quick and bilateral referral or consultation more convenient.

The ethos of the Center is “more soothing, more decent and more premier”

1. Medical staff will join hands with patients and their families in fighting diseases and symptoms

2. Patients and their families will be taken care in physical and psychological aspect by all members of medical team throughout their stay

3. Patients will be able to fight disease with better life quality and more positive mentality

Expert team of Minimally Invasive Treatment Center

Minimally invasive technique is applied to every kind of malignant solid tumors and displays an obvious advantage in treating middle and late stage cancers. It has become a major option for its precise efficacy, minor side effect, fast recovery and better prognosis.

Minimally invasive treatment is carried out in a systematic way in Royallee Cancer Center. There are 31 inpatient wards specifically designed for patients who go for minimally invasive procedures. And they will undergo necessary workup like Digital Subtraction Angiography( DSA manufactured by Siemens), 128-slice Computed Tomography(128-slice CT manufactured by General Electrics) and 16-slice Electroconvulsive Therapy(ECT). Moreover, a wide range of minimally invasive procedures are conducted to deliver tumor precision treatment, for example, intravascular intervention, intravascular intervention of radioactive Iridium-90, Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy, Microwave Ablation, Cryoablation, Irreversible Electroporation Ablation(IRE), Radioactive Particle Implantation and Photodynamic Therapy.

Minimally invasive treatment team led by Dr. Xie Qiang will uphold “patient-centered” and “efficacy-oriented” principle to offer professional and premium medical service.

Common Minimally Invasive Techniques

Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy works by high temperature. During the procedure, heat energy is generated in the foci with a alternating-current field produced by radiofrequency and it creates high temperature to cause coagulative necrosis of tumor tissue. The procedure can eliminate the tumor tissue to the maximum extent, meanwhile, damage to surrounding normal tissue is precisely under control. Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy applies to benign and malignant solid tumors, mostly liver tumors, lung tumors and breast tumors in clinical practice. And the therapy is hopefully suitable for primary tumors, metastatic tumors, inoperable late stage tumors, tumors that can’t be removed completely in the surgery and patients unfit for radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Microwave Ablation

Microwave Ablation, also known as Thermal Ablation, works by heating tumor tissue to caogulation, dehydration and necrosis. At the same time, necrotized tumor tissue produces heat shock proteins that stimulate immune system and improve immunity. The therapy applies to all kinds of malignant solid tumors, usually liver tumors, lung tumors, breast tumors and pancreas tumors. It is also combined with other therapies, Transarterial Chemoembolization(TACE) for instance, to augment control over post-operative tumors and expand its indications.

Radioactive Particle Implantation

Radioactive Particle Implantation falls within the scope of brachytherapy. It works by implanting radioactive I125 that kills tumor cells with emission of Gamma Ray into the tumor. The therapy may cause minor damage to surrounding normal tissue, but usually the damage will not be systemic. Solid tumors found on human body, such as lung tumors, liver tumors, osseous tumors, cerebral tumors, pancreas tumors, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, pelvic tumors, metastatic tumors, head and neck tumors, prostate tumors, kidney and adrenal tumors and soft tissue sarcoma, are indications for radioactive particle implantation.

Technical Competitiveness of Minimally Invasive Treatment

Minimally Invasive Treatment kills tumors by delivering precise blow to the tumor with the guidance of imaging equipment(DSA, Fluoroscopic Machine, CT, MR and Ultrasound)through vascular and skin puncture or human duct system. It is competitive for:

1.Precision , small trauma: precise blow to the tumor foci with no harm to surrounding normal tissue. And the outcome is comparable with open surgery.

2.Definite efficacy and shrinking the tumor: tumor cells decay, necrotize, and are absorbed when the procedure is done. It also helps to shrink large tumors for further surgical resection.

3.Highly targeted, low recurrence: in intervention treatment, local chemotherapy drugs are dozens of times more concentrated than systemic chemotherapy. Moreover, chemoembolization blocks blood supply for the tumor, boosting treatment effect and lowering toxicity. Precise imaging, location and treatment cause minor damage to normal tissue and lowers recurrence rate.

4.Slight side effect, high repeatability: total dosage is small, but the local drug concentration is high, which improves the efficacy and has less side effects; patients feel less painful with a tiny skin incision and the high repeatability is more friendly than conventional surgery in the case of recurrence.

5. Safe, reliable and affordable: widely applicable. A good choice for the elder, the weak and those intolerant of conventional surgeries because it doesn’t require general anesthesia. The charge is relatively low.

Team Nursing of Healthcare Management Center


Whole-process Healthcare Management

Featured with an integration of health checkup and healthcare management, the center strives to be a whole process health butler for clients by formulating customized packages preceding physical examination, accompanying clients to every spot during physical examination, scheduling follow-up visit after physical examination and offering multidisciplinary analysis on health report. Here, clients are accessible to green passage for consultation service from domestic leading experts.

Stay-in Physical Examination

Clients have access to fave-star independent suites ranging from 30m2 to 600 m2. Their accommodation, dining, testing, report analysis and quick referral will be taken care of by a personal butler.

Genetic Screening

Genetic diseases are caused by disease-causing mutations in genes, and most diseases have serious consequences. Studies have found that each person carries an average of 2.8 genes for recessive genetic diseases, which are undetectable by conventional medical examinations. Through risk gene screening, potential lesions can be detected as early as possible, and early screening, diagnosis and treatment can be truly achieved through the optimization of living environment and lifestyle habits.

All-star Expert Team

The RoyalLee Healthcare Management Center gathers a team of star experts specializing in subjects including, hepatobiliary and pancreatic oncology, gastrointestinal oncology, breast oncology, palliative care, cardiovascular and respiratory medicine, surgery, gynecology, andrology, nutriology, etc.,. Fulfilling examination, diagnosis and treatment needs, the team offers green passage to domestic top experts for patients in need and conduct multidisciplinary consultations with experts from different subdisciplines.Full-line Advanced Equipment

Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Hospital is equipped with the world's most advanced 3.0T MRI, 128-slice CT, mammography, mobile DR, suspended double-plate DR, DSA and other large medical equipment, as well as high-end equipment such as electronic gastroscope, atherosclerosis detector, bone density detector and lung function detector, which provide important support for accurate screening and early diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Full-line Advanced Equipment

Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Hospital is equipped with the world's most advanced 3.0T MRI, 128-slice CT, mammography, mobile DR, suspended double-plate DR, DSA and other large medical equipment, as well as high-end equipment such as electronic gastroscope, atherosclerosis detector, bone density detector and lung function detector, which provide important support for accurate screening and early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Medical Team of Intensive Care Unit


The Intensive Care Unit of Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Center currently is outfitted with 7 beds and 1 negative pressure bed and all of these beds are set in independent single rooms. Each monitoring bed in the unit is equipped with bedside monitoring system for basic vital signs monitoring such as ECG, blood pressure, pulse oxygen saturation and invasive pressure monitoring. Each single room is routinely equipped with ventilator, simple ventilator, infusion pump, microinjection pump and enteral nutrition infusion pump.


The unit now is equipped with ECG machine, blood gas analyzer, defibrillator, blood purifier, continuous hemodynamic monitoring equipment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment vehicle, ultrasound diagnostic instrument, bronchoscope and cleaning and disinfection equipment, physical sputum removal device, electronic temperature elevation equipment, pneumatic pressure pump for thrombosis prevention and Continuous Cardiac Output (PICCO) monitor.

Next, it plans to purchase intracranial pressure EEG monitoring equipment, intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation (IABP) equipment, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) equipment, and critical care rehabilitation equipment to enhance the clinical technology strength.


Expert Team of Imaging Unit


The Imaging Unit of Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Center aims to provide high quality and accurate imaging examination and diagnostic services for patients with its cutting-edge equipment. The imaging testing result will contribute to accurate diagnosis and exact staging that are essential to the formulation of treatment plan and assessment of efficacy.

1.Personnel: The Imaging Unit is staffed with qualified and professional radiologists(three team members are advanced technical specialists, other 10 are intermediate and junior specialists, technicians and nursing staffs).

2.Equipment: The unit is equipped with advanced 128-slice CT, 3.0 MRI, PET CT, GE Vivid e95 Ultrasound, Siemens DSA, DR with shooting system and Mammography Machine with a puncture system. These equipment allows radiologists and doctors to examine all parts of the body, give diagnosis, get a CT-guided biopsy and intervention therapy for some complicated cases.

Expert Team of Pharmacy


Every member of pharmacy is dedicated to ensure medication safety. All of the drug are purchased from legal and well-regulated pharmaceutical factories and examined at minimum level(appearance, color, batch number and expiry) in case of spoiling from the transportation.

1.Personnel: 2 TCM pharmacists, 1 clinical pharmacist, 9 western pharmacists, and 1 director of the pharmacy department from China Taiwan.

2.Code of Conduct: All pharmacists provide JCI-compliant pharmacy services for patients, firmly cling to the motto "Respect Only You and Life" and treat patients as their families.

Expert Team of Surgical Anesthesia Department


The Surgical Anesthesia Department is outfitted with 6 operation rooms(OR) and a post anesthesia care unit. 2 ORs are compliant with ISO 2 cleanrrom(the quantity of particles per cubic volume of air is less than 100) and 4 compliant with ISO 3 cleanrrom(the quantity of particles per cubic volume of air is less than 1000). And there are 5 beds in post anesthesia care unit. The clean corridor and rooms used for other purpose fall into the range of ISO 5 cleanroom(the quantity of particles per cubic volume of air is less than 100,000) and postoperative doctor-patient access complies to the standard of ISO 7 cleanroom(the quantity of particles per cubic volume of air is less than 300,000). The management of OR is parallel with that of disinfecting supply division, which ensures a accordance with infection control requirement for a modern hospital.

The Department is equipped with imported Drager-Perseus A500 and Drager-Primus anesthesia machines, Philips multi-parameter life monitor, Fresenius target injection pump, GE ultrasound machine, visual laryngoscope, visual rigid mirror, visual soft mirror, fiberoptic bronchoscope, Storrs 3D and high-definition laparoscope, Johnson & Johnson ultrasonic knife, Power high-frequency electric knife, Medtronic multifunctional energy platform and the Albo electrosurgery workstation. RoyalLee has also introduced AI Patient Controlled Analgesia(AI PCA) manufactured by Rehn Medtech and monitors the use of analgesic pump for surgery patients and cancer pain patients, the analgesic effect and the dose of analgesic drugs for advanced cancer pain patients and postoperative patients, as well as the pain indicators for advanced cancer pain patients remotely to ensure the analgesic effect and reduce complications.

At present, gastrointestinal surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, head and neck surgery, thoracic surgery, gynecological surgery, urological surgery and other types of surgery as well as anesthesia outside the operating room can be carried out in the department. And personnels are able to handle resuscitation in all types of surgery. Our aim is to put patients first and secure their life throughout the surgery.

Outpatient Nurse Team


Outpatient Department of Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Center is an integration of medical practice, nursing care, pedagogy, prevention, rehabilitation and administration. Now, general surgery, medical and surgical oncology, respiratory medicine, cardiovascular medicine, gastroenterology, mammary gland, thyroid, Hepatic and Pancreatic oncology, gastrointestinal surgery, gynecological oncology, minimally invasive oncology, TCM and Pain Management are available. Moreover, residents also have access to covid-19 tests and prophylactic vaccination (for Adults Only).

Outpatients and their families can consult intermediate and senior experts specializing in multiple disciplines in an enclosed consultation rooms. All their questions will be solved there. Outpatients could also obtain standardized and personalized treatment plan through multidisciplinary consultation.

Expert Team of Laboratory Department


Laboratory medicine is an important auxiliary department of clinical medicine, and the tests play an important role in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and prognosis. With the development of medical professional disciplines, the development of laboratory medicine is more rapid, as demonstrated by development of new technology projects and the quality management of test projects. That makes the Laboratory Department of RoyalLee Cancer Center more in line with the international counterparts and more indispensable for the clinic.

Keeping pace with the professional development, Laboratory Department constantly forges ahead and strives to support front-line clinical practice with rich and powerful diagnostic and therapeutic information. All members are well-trained and comply with the rules that make the department capable of supporting clinical practice and fulfilling patients’ need.

Palliative Care Center


“More soothing, more decent, more quality-oriented” is the core value of Palliative Care Center

1.Our medical staff will join patients and their families to combat diseases and conditions;
2.Patients and all their family members will get physical and psychological support from every medical staff throughout their stay with us.;
3.Patients get access to better quality of life and develop a relatively good state of mind to combat disease.

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