Discharge Guide

Discharge Process

Inpatient Discharge
Discharge by medical advice (Discharge following completion of treatment plan) Discharge against medical advice (Personal request for discharge)
Discharge Instructions (Elaboration on medical order, dos and don’ts outside the hospital, follow-up visit etc.) Patient signs risk notification form(Patient and the family are required to sign an voluntary discharge risk notification form)
Physician issues discharge orders, completes relevant discharge medical records and medical certificates(Usually complete one day before discharge)
Nurse’s Job(Notify patients of discharge, notify pharmacy to prepare and pick up medications, and instruct on discharge health education)
nurse's notification to patient and family members(Advise patients to bring medical records, prepayment receipts, medical insurance cards, cash, identification documents for discharge procedures, etc.)
Inpatient Hospital Charge(Discharge procedures)
1、Patients leave the hospital on their own; patients ask for a ride, the customer service staff contacts the driver to confirm the departure time and informs the patient the scheduled time.
2、The nurse confirms with the patient the items and medicines to be carried and instructs relevant dos and don’ts.;
3、Customer service staff assist patients and family members to transfer luggage and see patients to the car.
4、The driver and customer service staff see the patient to the airport or station.