Our hospital environment is designed to foster healing and comfort, providing a serene sanctuary for patients and their loved ones. Experience excellence in cancer care within a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.
  • Guangzhou Royal Lee Cancer Center is a tertiary oncology hospital facing international patients and also a platform-enabled hospital based in Southern China. The current featured departments include: Palliative Care Center, Healthcare Management Center, Gastrointestinal Tumor Specialty Department, Minimally Invasive Treatment Center, Gynecological Oncology Center, and Mammary Gland Tumor Specialty Department.

  • The hospital perfectly integrates the art of architecture with a people-centric humanistic approach, creating a seamless patient flow through the central lobby and vertical transportation. This design ensures an unobstructed and convenient healthcare experience throughout the entire facility. It embodies a high-end, elegant style in modern hospital settings. The prominent central piano adds an artistic ambiance, while a professional customer service team provides warm assistance, fostering a sense of noble tranquility within this lobby. Information on life care and the hospital's mission is prominently displayed, promoting more care and support for patients. The hospital lobby not only showcases professional medical standards but also provides a comfortable, refined waiting atmosphere, creating an inclusive public space.

  • The hospital's waiting area is designed with the concept of luxury and comfort, aiming to provide patients with a prestigious and tranquil medical experience through exquisite surroundings and attentive service. Emphasis is placed on the psychological well-being of patients, creating a healing, serene, and harmonious treatment space for each individual.

  • The hospital's standard suites are warm and comfortable. The simple yet neat interior design, coupled with spacious windows, allows ample natural light to flood the rooms. Equipped with essential living amenities, these wards ensure that patients' basic needs are met. Within these cozy wards, patients not only receive professional medical care but also experience a sense of warmth and compassion.

  • The hospital offers multiple suites and VIP rooms with garden, ensuring an exclusive and private medical experience. A multidisciplinary team of experts tailors personalized treatment plans for patients, while a professional nursing team provides round-the-clock care, ensuring a nurturing environment. Private bathrooms, interactive entertainment systems, and delicious, nutritious meals guarantee a comfortable treatment experience. Additionally, the hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive, high-quality services, offering patients unique and attentive care.

  • The hospital has a unique exterior, surrounded by lush greenery, with sleek and modern architectural lines. What sets it apart is the presence of a rooftop garden, offering patients a tranquil oasis to unwind. Providing not only treatment but also a space for patients to find solace, this distinctive design transforms the hospital into not just a place for healing but also a pleasurable environment for recovery.