Kangbo Knife

Kangbo Knife: An Innovative Tumor Treatment

 1.Treatment Advantages
Minimally Invasive: Ultra-thin composite cryoablation probe (only 2mm) minimizes damage to normal tissues, reduces bleeding, requires no sutures, and allows rapid recovery.
Low Side Effects: Physical treatment targets only tumor cells, avoiding the toxic side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.
Real-time Monitoring: Continuous imaging ensures precision and safety.
Significant Results: Ultra-low temperatures destroy diseased tissue, while heating reduces bleeding and prevents metastasis.
Enhanced Immunity: Dead tumor tissue stimulates the immune system.
Extensive Applicability:CryoKnife is suitable for treating various solid tumors, making it particularly beneficial for elderly, frail, or advanced-stage cancer patients.
Local Anesthesia Only:The procedure requires only local anesthesia, significantly reducing the risks associated with general anesthesia.
High Repeatability: CryoKnife causes no damage to normal tissues, allowing for repeated treatments. This repeatability enhances and consolidates the therapeutic effect, ensuring comprehensive tumor control.
2. Treatment Principle
Kangbo Knife uses liquid nitrogen for cryoablation. Under CT or ultrasound guidance, a thin composite probe is inserted into the tumor, delivering extreme cold (-196°C) and high heat (80°C) to destroy tumor cells. This alternating temperature method increases vascular permeability and accelerates tumor necrosis.
3. Unique Features
No Surgery Needed: Achieves surgical Results with a fine probe.
Rapid Temperature Switch: Alternates between low and high temperatures within 20 minutes, ensuring comprehensive tumor destruction.
Minimal Bleeding: Reduces patient trauma.
4. Indications
Kangbo Knife is suitable for over 80% of solid tumors, including liver, lung, pancreatic, thyroid, prostate, kidney, adrenal, abdominal, and pelvic tumors. Ideal for early small tumors and palliative treatment of advanced tumors, it helps reduce tumor burden, alleviate symptoms, and improve quality of life.
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