Radioactive Particle Implantation Therapy

Radioactive Particle Implantation Therapy
Iodine 125 particle implantation is a type of internal brachytherapy. It irradiate the tumor tissues uninterruptedly and kill the tumor cells continuously by implanting 125 Iodine particles that emit low energy gamma rays directly inside the tumor and the tissues that may be invaded by the tumor under the precise guidance of CT, ultrasound and other imaging equipment in a minimally invasive way (percutaneous puncture). This does no harm or litter harm to normal tissues.
Competitiveness of Iodine 125 Particle Implantation Therapy
1、More accurate positioning: Under the guidance of CT and ultrasound, the positioning is accurate and irradiation is unlikely to damage the normal tissues.
2. Longer duration: After particle implantation, it can kill tumor cells continuously for 24 hours and every second for up to 180 days.
3、Remarkable therapeutic efficacy: Continuous, low-dose and high-precision irradiation round the clock can effectively inhibit the spread of tumor cells.
4、Low radiation energy: the irradiation distance is only 1.7 cm and most of the energy is absorbed by the tumor tissue, which means there is less chance of systemic toxic effects.
Indications for Iodine 125 Particle Implantation Therapy
For recurrent and postoperative metastatic tumors, Iodine 125 particle implantation have an advantage. It is not only a major instrument, but also the preferred choice for some tumors, such as prostate cancer.
For patients who don’t want an open surgery and some inoperable solid tumors, Iodine 125 particle implantation is a good option. In addition, for patients with metastatic tumors (non-extensive metastases), Iodine 125 particle implantation can effectively curb the spread of metastases and at the same time retain organ function and reduce pain. Tumors that cannot be removed by surgery due to physical condition, tumor location and other factors can also be treated by this therapy.
Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Center is introducing various cutting-edge technologies to satisfy diverse treatment needs. At present, Iodine 125 particle implantation has got approval from relevant national regulators and will be accessible to tumor patients soon.
Minimally Invasive Treatment Unit
It is equipped with Siemens Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), GE 128-slice Computed Tomography (CT), GE 16-slice Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) and other equipment. Now various kinds of minimally invasive tumor treatment techniques are available: conventional intravascular intervention, radiofrequency, microwave ablation, cryoablation and irreversible electroporation, radioactive particle implantation and photodynamic technique.

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