Argon-Helium knife

Cryosurgical Ablation: An Innovative Cancer Treatment

1. Exceptional Treatment Advantages
Precision Treatment:  The Argon-Helium Knife precisely controls the freezing area, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues and ensuring the safety of the treatment.

Minimally Invasive Procedure: The treatment involves inserting a small probe through the skin, avoiding large-scale surgery. This significantly reduces surgical trauma and bleeding, and shortens recovery time.

High Repeatability: For complex or hard-to-eradicate tumors, the Argon-Helium Knife can be used multiple times, ensuring complete tumor control.

Immune Activation: The cryoablation process activates the body's immune response, helping to eliminate residual cancer cells and further consolidating the treatment effect.

2. Treatment Principle of the Argon-Helium Knife
The Argon-Helium Knife operates on the principle of cryoablation. A small probe is inserted through the skin, rapidly injecting argon gas into the tumor tissue, which quickly lowers the temperature to -140°C to -170°C, forming ice crystals that cause direct damage to the tumor cells. Helium gas is then used to heat and rapidly thaw the ice crystals, disrupting the tumor tissue's microcirculation and leading to delayed tumor cell death.
3. Unique Treatment Characteristics
Argon-Helium System: Utilizes an advanced argon-helium system to achieve rapid freezing and slow thawing, ensuring precision and safety in treatment.

Minimally Invasive and Safe: The Argon-Helium Knife uses a minimally invasive approach with a small probe inserted through the skin, significantly reducing surgical trauma, bleeding, and risk, while shortening recovery time. Its precise control over the freezing area reduces damage to healthy tissues, enhancing treatment safety.

Immune Activation: Cryoablation activates the body's immune response, aiding in the elimination of residual cancer cells and strengthening the treatment's effectiveness.

Low Side Effects: Compared to traditional cancer treatments, cryoablation has significantly fewer side effects, improving the patient's treatment experience and quality of life.

4. Broad Indications
The Argon-Helium Knife is suitable for treating various types of cancers, including liver cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, and many other solid tumors. Whether in the early, middle, or late stages, the Argon-Helium Knife demonstrates unique efficacy. Additionally, for tumors that are difficult to remove surgically, the Argon-Helium Knife serves as an effective alternative treatment option.
5. Personalized Treatment Plans
We provide personalized Argon-Helium Knife treatment plans for each patient, ensuring targeted and effective treatment. Our professional team tailors the most suitable treatment plan based on the patient's specific conditions and needs, continuously monitoring the treatment's effectiveness to ensure the best possible outcomes. If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us. We offer free consultation services and are here to help you face the challenges of cancer and create more life miracles together.
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